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Katt T

Katt Tozier is a writer, podcast host, Mystic Medicine Woman and Women’s Trauma Expert. Katt is the Founder of the Healing Magic Mastery Circle, where she shares her signature alchemical blend of science, spirituality, and mysticism, which is rooted in 20+ years of research, study, and experience with energy medicine and holistic healing.

With her Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, and Virgo Ascendant, Katt naturally weaves together the intellectual and the intuitive as an Astrology Oracle, helping women uncover their Elemental Energy Signature – the secret key that unlocks their power in life.

Katt specializes in teaching women how to overcome trauma and create resilience. She openly shares her own journey of recovery from domestic violence as part of her personal mission to be a voice in the world to eliminate violence against women and mitigate the effects of trauma in their lives.

Katt believes there is a simple formula for women to reclaim their power: release what is toxic + restore what is true. She dedicates her unique blend of knowledge and mysticism to teaching women how to identify their toxic beliefs, behaviors, and relationships, as well as the truth of who they really are – innately powerful divine beings.

Katt is an avid yogi; a gardening enthusiast; a voracious reader; an angel collector; a crystal aficionado; a mother, grandmother, former medical transcriptionist, and past homeschooler. She will be participating in the Fairfield festival.

Violet Crichton AViolet Crichton B

Violet Crichton Massage – Camden, Maine. Violet is new to the state of Maine, and has been practicing Massage Therapy, for more than a decade now (NZ, Australia & USA). Introduction to the ‘Healing’ art of Massage, was taught to Violet at a very young age, (whilst growing up in NZ), by her mother – Violet Crichton senior – (Polynesian – Samoa). After leaving the corporate world, Violet worked as an Energetic healer, before gaining qualifications in massage therapy.

Violet looks forward to meeting you at the, Mind Body Spirit Festival in Belfast, on Saturday, April 13 in Belfast and Sunday, October 13 in Freeport, and invites you to learn more, chat and ask questions at her Introductory Workshop to KaHuna. 15-minute treatments in the following modalities, are on offer at her booth:

KaHuna Bodywork (aka Lomi, Lomi or Hawaiian massage), is a Polynesian Healing practice, which looks at the ‘Whole’ person, and incorporates energy work in the treatment. The primary ‘Source’, from which the practitioner is taught to work from is; Aloha (Love) & Pule (Prayer).

Lymphatic Drainage, is a slow and gentle technique, and works on moving the lymph system, relieving any fluid buildup and toxins in the body. The soft strokes, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, placing the receiver in a meditative state of rest and relaxation.

Please visit my website to learn more:



Alice Marie King, Waterville Maine; Medium, Spiritual Table Tipping,                                Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master Instructor; Information about CBD oil.. 

With 35 years of nursing experience, Alice Marie is continuing her healing work through connecting you with your loved ones in spirit and your Spirit Guides, and through healing energy work.   She uses the sacred space of the circle in Spiritual Table Tipping as a tool to communicate with your loved ones and Spirit Guides. Working with Spirit, her main goal is prove the continuity of life and to assist you with your soul development when you become “stuck” in your spiritual journey.   Besides serving over 2000 people with Spiritual Table Tipping for 12 years, Alice is also a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master.

Alice will be offering Table Tipping workshops at all of the 2019 festivals.                                        For more information call 207-314-1499 or visit


 Annie Stillwater Gray20151113_10164822

Annie Stillwater Gray is a writer, a mystic, an astrologer with an international clientele, a public speaker, an audio and visual artist, a singer-songwriter, a teacher and media veteran. Annie began her professional radio career in Hartford, Connecticut in 1974 and has been on the air every year since that date. Today she has her own syndicated radio program, The General Store Variety Show, now in its 16th year. She has just been made General Manager of a new community radio station, WXNZ.

Annie has studied Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, and Bach Flower remedies. She received a BFA from Boston University in graphic arts and writing. She writes songs and designs all of the CD covers and publicity material for her bands. Her current band is the western quintet Merry-Go-Roundup.

Annie telepathically transcribed The Dawn Book, a valued text as told to her by a group of Master Spirit Guides, made available in October 2015, thanks to Ozark Mountain Publishing. This led her to leading numerous seminars designed to connect people to their Spirit Guides. In 2000, her Spirit Guide, Darci Stillwater, told her how he bacame a Spirit Guide, which is related in the book Education of a Guardian Angel, published by Ozark Mountain in April 2014. You can meet Annie at allm of the 2019 festivals.


Regina (2)

Regina Strongheart, Medical Intuitive, Forest Circles

Using my intuitive gifts and with the assistance of spirit I will “listen” to your body. I receive information concerning your physical, emotional and spiritual health. I pass on this info to you as your body has areas that it wants you to give attention to.________________

I will also be teaching the workshop “Past Life Readings” at some of the festivals, including  an opportunity to offer a brief reading for some of the folks in the audience. You can find me at all of the 2019 festivals.

                                                                                                                                   Ernest van den Bossche has dedicated his life to helping people from an early age.    He discovered Spiritualism through Maine’s Spiritualist camps, joined the Augusta Spiritualist Church and is in his third term as President of THSC. Ernie is a Reiki Master,   a board certified Hypnotherapist and certified Hypnotist instructor; and offers a wide variety of classes on mediumship, healing and spiritual development as well as being a professional medium. He travels where Spirit calls to bring his gifts to the people. Ernie will be at all of the 2019 festivals providing pendulums, Jewelry, Meditation CDs and hypnotherapy information, and a workshop, Self Hypnosis: A Formula for Success.  

Tracy Arietti

Tracy Arietti is an attorney who now practices only occasional mediations. She is now pursuing her true passions – connecting with Spirit, Angels and Guides, making art and writing. At two of the 2019 festivals, Tracy will be reading bones (come to her workshop to find out what that means!) and selling handmade jewelry, stained glass pieces and signed copies of the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers, to which she contributed.

Contact her at, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter @thebonesspeak and Instagram @twinflamearts


Bonnie Lee12717479_1570692589921654_803594452988526397_n

Bonnie Lee  is a professional psychic medium, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, teacher and lecturer. She has been developing her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clair-sentience for over 30 years.   Through her psychic mediumship, she is able to channel those on the other side, in the Spirit World, to people looking for healing and peace in their own lives.  Here you can seek help from your Loved Ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Teachers, friends and pets on the Spirit Side of Life. Bonnie Lee resides in both Northport and Fairfield Maine.  She gives Spirit Readings all over the world by telephone and travels in the US and Canada.    She will be participating in all of the festivals this year.

SusanSuitcase_frontcoverBilly Goat Book

Francine McEwen, a resident of Manchester, Maine, is a retired manufacturing manager and training consultant who worked for many years at Digital Equipment in Augusta. In 2013, she published her first children’s book, Billy Big Ears and Bob the Bully, which she wrote to help children overcome and prevent bullying. Her second book, Susan’s Suitcase, was written to help children through the grieving process. It was published in 2015.

Francine’s latest book “Bill E. Goat, The Goat of Many Colors” deals with “not Fitting in”, and finding a forever family”. When not writing or doing book signings and readings, Francine designs and delivers what she describes as “healing workshops” on topics that range from bullying to managing change. You can meet her at the Fairfield and Freeport festivals.


Kathryn and Lucy 014Kathy Drage 2017

Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner, Maine. She has been communicating with animals and nature since early childhood. For the last 20 years Kathryn has also worked in the holistic health field, which enhances the information she shares from the heart. During a session, Kathryn infuses her wisdom, many healing modalities as well as past experiences to help assist with the well being of the receiver. She truly enjoys teaching workshops on a variety of topics. She believes Animal Communication is everyone’s original language and the more that it’s shared the closer it brings all beings into harmony and balance. She will be participating in all of the festivals in 2019 and can be contacted at  and



Jody Breton is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Shamanic Healing Practitioner                              and Reiki Master

Jody specializes in creating ceremony for the wider community. Through Earth-Way traditions and a wide range of services she strives to meet every individual’s unique preference, drawing from the wisdom of many faith practices. For over 2 decades Jody has engaged in and led many types of rituals and ceremonies celebrating all of life’s transitions.

 EssenceOfSpiritCeremonies serves those seeking an Officiant or Celebrant for ceremonies including but not limited to Weddings, Baby Dedications, Memorials, House Blessings and clearings and all other life transitions.

Jody offers spiritual direction and energy healing through Shamanic and Reiki practices. Every individual is honored with compassion and love.

Jody resides in Freeport Maine with her husband David and kitty love Sam. You can meet her at the Freeport festival.

Katenia Keller

Click on the brochure above to enlarge it to learn more about artist Katenia Keller’s and her Pythias Sacred Geometry Tarot, which she designed herself. She will beparticipating in most of the 2019 festivals. You can also learn more about her at:

Doreen Dickson

My Name is Doreen Dickson and I’m blessed to live and work in the beautiful town of Jackson, Maine.

I’ve always loved creating and working from home. In 2012 I started Maidinthewoods, offering handmade items such as Silver and Copper Jewelry, Handmade Yoga Meditation Cushions filled with organic buckwheat hulls grown in New England, and Premium Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillows that feature 500TC organic cotton sateen! Those became the foundation items of Maidinthewoods and are still available at Maidinthewoods today.

I will be at the Belfast and Fairfield festivals. You can also see my web site at:

Click on the poster below to learn about Dina Bock. She will be channeling spirit guides with automatic writing, crystal oracle cards and crystals at the Freeport festival this year.

Dina Bock20180824_14034038



Gary Mascher186

Gary W. Mascher, B.S., M.Ed., was born in Brooklyn. His grandmother was a spiritualist, medium, and healer and his mother was also a medium. He served as  a Navy Corpsman in the Viet Nam War, specializing in Psychiatric Practice. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a Master’s in education. for the past 46 years he worked with people in recovery from mental illness.

Gary is a member of the Augusta Spiritualist Church where he facilitates awareness classes, specializing in Mediumship, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening. He has also served at the Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp in Northport, Maine, as well as at churches in Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona.

Gary will be glad to make a Spiritual Connection between you and your loved ones, as a participating medium at all of  2019 festivals.


Agnieszka Monsen, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Intuitive Counselor

Rainglow Holistic Healing

I am a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor, Heart-Based Meditation Instructor and a Reiki Practitioner. I received my training at the New World Ayurveda School in Gorham, Maine, an academy recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. I am also a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

My love of Nature, led me to the study of Natural Healing Arts, instilled environmental awareness, and deepened my bond with the plant and animal kingdoms. Since early childhood to this day, Nature is an all-pervading presence in my life, and my work, in its essence, is about bringing others back to harmony and in tune with Nature. As a result, they not only get better and heal physically, but also develop a deeper connection with themselves and those around them, a transformation that is truly wonderful to behold.

In my everyday practice, I primarily work with people who suffer from digestive issues, sleep difficulties, anxiety, fatigue, and stress related problems. Very often the conventional approach has proven unsuccessful for my clients. In Nature, everything is connected, the body, mind and Spirit interact and constantly influence one another. This is why a complex, personalized treatment many times proves more effective, and without any adverse side effects. Rather than isolating and treating specific symptoms, isolating the body from the mind and emotions, we aim to understand how Nature works, uncover the root cause of an illness, and create the right conditions for healing to take place. In this way, we create balance on all levels of life.

I am honored to assist people on their unique paths, and to be of service to so many beautiful souls. As an integral part of my practice, I teach Heart-Based Meditation and intuition development skills to those who wish to develop greater awareness, a deeper connection with the Higher aspect of themselves, and reach greater attunement with the laws of Nature.

My practice is based in Whitefield, Maine and this is also where I live. At home, Nature is never far away. Every day, I take great pleasure and comfort in taking care of my animals & garden, homesteading, harvesting wild herbs, mixing teas and salves, while following lunar and seasonal cycles, all the time finding new ways for ever more harmonious existence, and deepening my connection to Mother Nature.

I talk about all of these things and more on my Blog at This is also, where you can schedule a free Initial Consultation with me if you want to find out more about Ayurveda or have questions related to your health goals or concerns. There, you will find my contact information. I welcome all and any the questions sent to my email address at Also, follow me on Facebook at @rainglowholistichealing and Instagram at @agmheretic.

I will be participating in the Belfast and Freeport festivals.


Ann Picture NAGC

Ann Cutten is a retired teacher who loves natural stones. Here is some information about her products and process:

I use only natural stone beads which I get on trips to Arizona. Each piece of jewelry is made with a purpose based on the energy traits and the esthetics of the stones. I put my signature spiral bail on pendant and necklace feature beads. Each piece comes with a detailed description of the stones and their energy traits.

I search for the right beads which are made of natural stones on trips to Arizona. Over the years I have learned to identify good quality stone beads and avoid beads that have been dyed or otherwise enhanced.

Bracelets are designed with an energy purpose in mind. I research to identify the right stones for the specific purpose and then design and create the bracelet. For example, I designed the Love Lost bracelet when a friend’s son died suddenly while I was out in AZ. I did some research and found that Amethyst and Rose Quarts had the traits I wanted. While I was shopping for the beads I came across the obsidian heart and realized that would be the perfect finale to my project.

Necklaces are designed esthetically and then I do a write-up of the traits. Necklaces and Pendants feature beautiful stone beads with a simple spiral enhancement. This spiral showcases the natural beauty of the beads without detracting. I choose the metals and create the spiral bails myself. Pendants come with an adjustable cord but I also have silver plated and leather chains that can be purchased separately.

I have come up with a very simple way to create clasp free necklaces that gently slides over a person’s head. These necklaces are great for persons who struggle with or just dislike small clasps on their jewelry. I use strong stretchy cord and I guarantee that if a piece of jewelry breaks I will restring the piece. (I have not had one break yet)

I love to do custom work with clients to create a piece of jewelry that is unique and specific for their needs.


Vittner hand analysis
Sue Vittner, Hand Analysis
I became a Hand Analyst (essentially a modern day Palm Reader) because I was amazed by a hand reading I received back in 2008. I couldn’t believe that within my hands was encoded so much information about myself. Most of it was spot on, and some of it opened my eyes to what else is possible for me in my life. It felt so liberating, encouraging and spiritual, that I realized I needed to learn this also, so I could add this tool to my spiritual toolbox. I feel so honored to be able to help people connect with their Life Purpose through Hand Analysis Readings. I will be at the Fairfield festival.

 Linda 2

Linda McCracken, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Spiritual Artist,                                                                       Spiritual Web Communications, LLC

Linda McCracken is a multi-talented, versatile and creative artist, writer, researcher, publisher, medium and spiritual healer whose company is called Spiritual Web Communications, LLC.

She uses the Shapeshifter deck which is a very beautifully illustrated shamanistic Tarot deck for doing spiritual readings. She also does spirit art of loved ones who have passed. She has sacred geometry books for sale and accepts cash, checks and credit cards.


Muscular Balancing for Pain Relief and Wellness

Muscles are in balance when opposing muscle groups are of proportional length and strength. It is important to balance muscles, since muscles pull bones. Balancing muscles improves range of motion and joint function including straighter tracking of the hips and knees. A variety of techniques help lengthen the short muscles and shorten the long muscles to bring the body toward balance. One of the clinically proven techniques is strain-counterstrain, which brings the two ends of a muscle closer together to release tension, regardless of how long it has been tight. Josh is currently the only certified Integrated Positional Therapy Practitioner in the state of Maine. This modality holistically addresses a host of issues including and not limited to neck, shoulder, back, knee, and hip pain. For more info email:


087 (1)

Josh Warren, M.S., LMT, PTR, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, Certified Integrated Positional Therapist, is the founder and developer of Integrated Tennis at, a unique integration of sport psychology, yoga, and muscle balancing concepts. He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science concentrating in Sport Psychology.

As Head Women’s Tennis Coach, Josh started Husson University’s first tennis team in 2015 in Bangor, ME. They rapidly advanced by winning their conference and making it to the NCAA Tournament in just four years while the team maintained above a 3.5 GPA.

Josh worked nine seasons at Sankaty Head Golf Club, Nantucket Island, MA and in his last three years, directed all aspects of their tennis program. Josh coached at Van Der Meer Tennis Academy, Ithaca College, Colby College, Armstrong Tennis Center, and is the Head Tennis Professional at the Harbor Club in Seal Harbor, ME.

Josh leads Integrated Tennis and Muscular Balancing sessions in numerous settings with individuals and groups and speaks at international symposiums. He contributed to the Mental Mechanics chapter of The Tennis Drill Book by Tina Hoskins-Burney and Lex Carrington. He also contributed to Lee Albert’s Yoga for Pain Relief book, which received the 2018 Gold award in the Health and Fitness category.