Hybrid Event Organisers

The objective of an event is to create links, to develop and strengthen an affinity contact – and to federate collaborators.

The ability to establish a strong and lasting relationship with an individual is superior over a physical event. Nothing replaces the power of face-to-face encounter. According to American studies, the transformation rate between a digital and physical exchange varies from 1 to 5.

By offering an opportunity for recruitment and internationalization, the virtual event is an undeniable complement to the face-to-face.

Thus the hybrid event combines the advantages of the 2 event formats .

Hybridization is an exceptional opportunity for the performance of events, whatever the health context.

To know everything about the hybrid event

It should also be noted that the lifespan of hybrid events becomes longer. This increase in the life cycle makes the event a real strategic variable for the company.

> The outdoor event

We rediscovered throughout the year – as long as it was possible – the advantages of the outdoor event:

– offer unusual , intimate, original places with a strong wow effect

– renew the event genre

– offer relaxed and warm atmospheres

in short, enable memorable experiences .

An example with the fashion sector:

In 2020, fashion designers offered us exceptional venues for their fashion shows:

– The roof of the Montparnasse Tower for Coperni

– A walk in the forest for Burberry

– The basin of a swimming pool for Sunnei

– The park of Buttes Chaumont pout Koché

– The Tuileries garden for Dior

– A wheat field for Jacquemus

– The private garden of a designer in New York …

These external events make it possible to renew the corporate event.

> The roadshow

In view of the sanitary conditions and the sustainability of the events, going towards its targets will be on the agenda for the year 2021.

A strong acquisition channel, the roadshow offers real proximity to its audience and allows for a differentiating and atypical experience. They ‘adapt to specific event projects.

Exclusivity and personalization will be major factors in 2021.

> The seminar

Faced with confinement and its brutality, the teams were strongly mobilized. They faced often difficult and mostly stressful working conditions. They underwent zoom meetings and other teams!

see our article: Why organize a post-covid 19 seminar?

To thank employees for their commitment and investment, companies will most certainly bring their teams together for seminars and other incentives – in a format other than the escape game and other virtual treasure hunt.

The lack of contact between salespeople used to emulation had an impact on their performance and results. This internal motivation was abruptly interrupted in 2020, as was their competition.

Incentives and other teambuilding formats will make it possible to re-emphasize exchanges, emulation and other sharing between sales forces.

The seminar risks being the winning format of the year 2021 helping to unite the teams!

Trend 3: sustainability of events

The year 2020 and its pandemic with multiple social, economic and psychological consequences will remain in all our memories and in the annals of world history.

2020 was also decisive for the environment with many climatic disasters – and colossal consequences all over the world: fires, hurricanes, cyclones, storms, floods, locust invasions… And let us remember that natural disasters cost more than 200 billion dollars in 2020 .

More than ever, we are aware of our impact on the environment . Sustainability is becoming a global necessity .

And reducing this impact will be one of the event trends for 2021  :

– Energy management,

– choice of an eco-responsible place,

– movement of guests,

– waste management,

– local and seasonal catering,

– reusable containers,

– limitation of packaging and overpacking…

All these factors and many more will now be taken into account in the organization of an event to reduce its carbon footprint and aim for the sustainability of each event .