What Is Event Organization

1. Organization  

It might sound obvious, but the best way to ensure the success of an event is to be impeccably organized from the start . Even if online tools like Asana or Trello will be of great help to you, it is imperative to ask yourself a series of questions: What type of event? What kind of space? What budget do we have? What are the safety and health measures to be applied? These are just a few examples of the questions you should absolutely consider.

2. Choose the perfect date

Choosing the right date is vital. Ensuring that the event does not coincide with any other sporting event or local venue will not only ensure audience participation, but also the impact of your event. You will also need to choose a date with enough time to prepare and promote it properly.

How to organize a sporting event

3. The choice of location

The place chosen to develop a sporting event must have sufficient reception capacity, be safe and accessible to the public , whether it is an outdoor or indoor space. It will be necessary to take into account the permitted reception capacity and social distancing measures.

4. Visualize the course of the event

A match, a tournament, a league? How many people or teams will participate? Does the event include several sports or a single discipline? What will be its format? It is never too much to consider all the details of how the event unfolds. Writing down your vision for the event in detail , from start to finish, can be helpful. This will ensure that you improvise as little as possible.

5. Calculate the supplies you will need

Make a list of the supplies and equipment you will need to organize your sporting event: certificates, signs and signs, whistles, medals, trophies … And of course, take into account the personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, hydroalcoholic gel and disinfection cleaning products.

How to organize a sporting event step by step

6. Health and safety

Make sure, in all stages of your event, that the security measures announced by public institutions to protect the public and participants are respected. In addition, we advise you to take out civil liability insurance . If you don’t have the right insurance, you will probably have to pay a considerable sum in the event of an accident, which is quite common at a sporting event.

7. Staff and volunteers

If you want to know how to organize a sporting event, one of the most important points is knowing the amount of staff you will need to assist the guests . Most events of this type hire both staff and volunteers . The selection and the instructions given to the whole team are among the tasks which, without a doubt, will be decisive in the outcome of the event. Invest the time it takes to train all the actors who will participate in the big day so that they receive clear instructions at all times.

8. Promote your event

Then, you have to actively promote your sporting event. Send information by e-mail, use social networks and if you have enough budget, launch an advertising campaign in the press or outside (signs, means of transport, etc…). Don’t forget to invite the local press and influencers related to the theme of the event to attend . They will take care of helping you promote your date. The more effort and resources you invest in promoting your event, the better the outcome!

How to organize a protocol sport event

There are only two things left for you to do. The first: review all the details of your plan to see what you can improve or refine. The second is to start selling tickets ! For this you will need to use the services of online platforms like Eventbrite or, if you have a website, open an online purchase or reservation page. 

We hope to have cleared your doubts about the steps to follow to organize a sporting event and that by following these tips, your event will be a real success! Do not forget that on the website of the Convention Bureau of the Costa del Sol you will find a lot of other information on the organization of events in the province of Malaga .